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Want + noun
I want a new computer

Would like + noun
I would like a new car

Want + to verb (infinitive)                                                                                                                                           
I want to travel to Spain                                                                                      
I’d like a sándwich short form

I would't like a pizza (negative)

Would you like a coffe? Interrogative
Yes, i would
No,i  wouldn't


       1.   Write complete senteces about Sam.

a)   Sam/like / cars : Sam likes cars.

b)   He/has got (not)/car: He hasn't got a car.

c)   He/want/have/small/car: He want to have small car.

      2. What would you like to do this weekend? Put ticks or crosses next to the phrases and write affirmative and negative sentences.

I would like to go dancing.
I would like to go to the cinema.
I would like to meet a nice boy/girl.
I would like to see the sunrise.
I would like to go out with my friends.
            I would like to stay at home.
  1. 3. Complete the questions.
    a)   Do you like listening to music? Yes, i like it a lot.
    b)   Would you like to buy a Discman? Yes, i would!
    c)   Would you like to see a live concert? Yes, i would!
    d)   What would you like to see?U2

4. Sandra is an aadventurer. Complete these sentences about her with any appropiate information.
    a)   She is adventurer.
    b)   She can run thought pedestral.
    c)   She likes swimming pool.
    d)   She wants to buy a car.
    e)   She would like to travel to Amazonas.

    5. Imagine you can have three wishes for your birthay. Write that you woul like.

    a)   I would like to have house.
    b)   I would like to meet with my aunt.
    c)   I would like to meet Justin Bieber.
    d)   I would like to have a blue car.
    6. Write the questions.

    a)   Where would you like to live?
    I would like t olive is a small town.

    b)   Would you like to travel?
    Yes, i would like to travel.

    c)   Do  you wont to have a car?
    No, i don´t want to have a car.

    d)   Whant do you want to have?
    I want to have a new skateboard.

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